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Malvern Hills Community Land Trust

Creating Truly Affordable Homes for Local People in and Near Malvern

We live in a beautiful but expensive town where both house prices and private rents are high. There is a shortage of affordable housing which leads to the exclusion of those with less resources, forcing them to move away.  As a non-profit making local organisatioin, run by volunteers. Malvern Hills Community Land Trust puts the housing needs of local people first. 

Our Vision

To create a safe, supportive and caring community that combats loneliness and social isolation and fosters personal growth, wellbeing and happiness. To foster harmony with each other, nature and the wider community

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Additional Aims

To work with the community to design, develop and manage genuinely affordable and attainable homes that meet a local housing need for the older person who wishes a) to downsize to more appropriate, affordable accommodation, b) to remain living independently but with the support provided by being part of an intentional community.


To build relationships and work in partnership with housing providers, self-builders and local trades people, architects, etc. thus supporting the local economy, increasing local skills and self-reliance.


To build homes that are affordable and of high quality design, energy-efficient and innovative. MHCLT intends the development to set the benchmark for the entire local housing market.


#To provide long-term, sustainable social, environmental and economic benefits for the

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Malvern Hills Community Land Trust - Our Objectives

To create an intentional community of like-minded older persons who are already known to each other and will work together to follow a shared vision that provides a safe and secure living environment, close to services and amenities that nurture good mental and physical health, social and cultural well-being.


To involve all residents in the whole decision-making process that controls the day-to-day management of the community.


To provide a range of shared resources that will reduce living costs to provide greater financial security.


To foster community cohesion, accountability and a sense of connection with the wider community.


To sustain a supportive and caring ethos that reduces stress and anxiety and enables older people to live in their own homes for longer thus relieving pressure on local NHS and social care services.

Malvern Hills Community Land Trust Site Boundary

What Is Community Led Housing?

Community led housing is a growing movement of normal people taking action and managing housing projects in their locality to deliver the decent and affordable homes that the country so desperately needs. It offers housing for people on a range of different incomes, for specific groups of people, for people who want to rent or buy or for groups who want to build new homes or refurbish existing buildings

Community led housing is where:

Open and meaningful community participation and consent takes place throughout the process 

The community group or organisation owns, manages or stewards the homes in
whichever way they decide to.

The housing development is of true benefit for the local community, a specific group of
people (an intentional community), or both. These benefits should also be
legally protected in perpetuity.

Why Community Led Housing?

Because homes that are genuinely affordable to rent and buy means communities aren’t displaced. Young people can have security, village shops and schools remain open. And because the prices are protected in perpetuity, future generations will benefit from them too. 

Because homes that are designed by local people are built with their friends and
neighbours in mind, not profits. 


They’ll be high quality and truly consider what people really need to be able to live happily and independently.


Because house-building has been dominated by a few traditional methods for too long, and their failure means normal people are bearing the brunt. 


Community led housing is for everyone. It’s built with people in mind, everyday life, the environment, and a more sustainable future.

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