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Malvern Hills Community Land Trust (MHCLT) is part of a growing movement that gives ordinary people the means to steward land for local wellbeing, developing and managing homes and other assets important to their local community.

MHCLT – originally known as Malvern Hills Community Led Housing – originated in 2018 and was renamed as a Community Land Trust before registering in February 2021 as a Community Benefit Society (Registration Number 8560).

We are a voluntary, not for profit, organisation set up by local people to operate in the interests of the wider community and to seek solutions that truly meet the needs and aspirations of local people.

There is a need in Malvern for housing that is built to last, is sustainable and carbon neutral, is affordable in perpetuity, and offers part-ownership and
rental tenures while remaining a long term resource to meet the housing needs of future generations in our local community.

Appropriately designed housing can also contribute significantly to combat social isolation, enabling residents to feel part of, and actively contribute to, the community.

We now have the opportunity to put our aims into practice, having secured a memorandum of understanding with Worcestershire County Council, the owners of land at Albert Road North in Malvern, that they are supportive of a
community led housing project on the site. We will be working with them to establish the terms within which the land can be released for development.


We will also be working with Malvern Hills District Council, the local Housing and Planning authority on the specific housing needs which this site might fulfil and the design details of the nature and number of homes which may be considered.

Your Malvern Hills CLT Team

Malvern Hills Community Land Trust Membership
Jan Dyer 
I have been Secretary of MHCLT since October 2019 and am a committed team member because my life’s dream has been to be involved in the design of my own low impact, zero carbon home that is part of a like-minded sharing and supportive community with sustainability, resilience and living lightly on the earth at its heart. I bring my administrative and organisational skills to my role as Secretary together with a strong sense of community and volunteer management skills. 
Lois Nicks
Lois has been a Board member since April 2021. Community Led Housing is close to her heart. We have all become increasingly aware in these last difficult years of the importance to everyone’s wellbeing of both home and community. Lois has recently retired having spent most of her career working mainly with housing associations, but also for a local authority and a home improvement
agency, through roles in housing management and resident engagement.

As a young graduate she had qualified as a Chartered Surveyor, but it was always the people rather than the buildings that interested her most. She regularly witnessed how people would flourish when living in the right home, surrounded by a supportive community. She remains a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing. She hopes to be able to bring her enthusiasm and experience to further the aims of Malvern Hills Community Land Trust, to build much needed, well designed, affordable homes in Malvern
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Malvern Hills Community Land Trust Sustainable Transport
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